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    Jiangxi Honghai New-style Scaffold co.,ltd is located in Gungfeng Lulin Industrial Park of Shangrao City. The company has convenient traffic and elegant environment, occupying an area of sixty thousand square meters. Jiangxi Honghai new-style scaffiold Co.,ltd is a professional architecture [More...]
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ddress of honghai scaffold industrial park: Toll station area of Guangfeng industrial park of Jiangxi
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1、the Deputy General Manager

1) according to the group's strategic development planning, responsible for formulating the relevant business platform the development planning and business objectives;

2) is responsible for the allocation of resources, organization and implementation and supervision and related business platform within the group of the company / department daily management job, ensure the group business goals;

3) assist the chairman is responsible for organizing the group significant management activity, management project or major management issues;

4) responsible for the business platform of team building, including team members build, evaluation, training, incentives and other work;

5) is responsible for coordinating the processing business platform within the companies / departments and the other group of contradiction between the company, the relationship between the departments.


1) Bachelor degree or above;

2) have 5 years of large-scale real estate group operation and management work experience;

3) excellent leadership ability, innovation ability, good communication and coordination ability and team management ability, has the high executive ability and good professional spirit and the occupation ethics;

4) have very strong enterprise development strategy formulation, analysis and decision making and implementation skills; good at and government and relevant functional departments, have a good network of resources;

5) excellent planning, organization, coordination and communication ability; have the strategic thinking, good enterprise culture to promote and team management;

6) treatment Negotiable

2、 deputy director ( 2 people )

1) 5-10 years of production-oriented enterprises leadership experience, mechanical manufacturing industry is preferred.

2) to be responsible for production management, to ensure that the production process and on-site civilized, orderly, safety, to ensure that customers provide quality products.

3) is responsible for production safety, prevent personnel, equipment accident, should be checked regularly and eliminate hidden trouble of safety, lead the plant safe production work.

4) for the product unqualified abnormal, timely and quality department to do well in communication, eliminate nonconformities and their causes, traced to people.

5) is responsible for the production, water, electricity, gas management, constantly improve the production efficiency and reduce production cost.

6) preside over the work of the company, carry out the company as the rules and regulations and resolutions.

7) establish the annual, monthly work plan, examination, to guide the plan implementation.

8) control orders the production schedule and control of production quality.

9) to develop the company quality system of job responsibility, strengthen the quality appraisal, the achievement of the quality objectives.

10) supervision, inspection, coordination of the company the workshop director, team leader work, strengthening the construction of the leading group.

11) engaged in the factory management, workshop director position or above, working experience, not interference, thank you! Salary negotiable

3、the recruitment of marketing personnel ( 20 people )

Job description:

1) responsible for key customer relations and maintenance, need to develop customer resources, positive customer visits, and senior leadership to discuss related issues.

2) develop and consolidate the advantages of resources, and resources and customers to establish good relations of cooperation.

3) to establish customer information card and the customer file, complete the relevant business records.

4) to build good relationship with customers, maintain company image.

5) with strong sales skills and sales experience, marketing experience and channel development experience;

6) with strong communication skills, organization, coordination and team management skills;

7) combination of market and competitors to sum up experience, establish corresponding project operation plan and strategy. Improve product market share.

8) the company to achieve win-win model, bonus to 2:8 or 3:7 ratio settlement.


1) professional college degree or above, with marketing, product knowledge training

2) engaged in marketing management, have certain sale experience

3) frank and self-confidence, optimism, a high degree of enthusiasm

4) have good team cooperation spirit, has the dedication

5) is an independent analysis and problem solving ability

6) good communication skills and ability to convince, can withstand greater pressure of work

7) salary: Negotiable

4、 workers ( 50 people )

Job description:

1) responsible for product installation, production and maintenance of equipment;

2) candidates better overall quality, professional skilled, able to work independently;

3) has the team cooperation spirit, obey the company's system, obedient arrangement;

4) have good occupation accomplishment and hard-working, diligent, active working attitude;

5) in the forging, punching, and mechanical production workshop done, Party member, model worker, workshop director, production technology is preferred;

6) arrange the admission to Zhejiang Yongkang learning, training skills ( training package during food, lodging, and give the practice salary ( $70 / day ) );

7) company to the piece, more pay for more work mode.

8): less than 45 years of age

9) number: 50 people ( men and women each half ),

10) salary: Negotiable ( base 2000)

5、legal adviser ( 1 people )

Job responsibilities

1) responsible for engaging in legal contract writing and audit work;

2) responsible for handling the internal or external relevant legal affairs;

3) responsible for drafting and review relevant legal documents;

4) is responsible for providing legal support for other department;

5) is responsible for participation in major projects, contract negotiation;

6) responsible for responding to action or with relevant business case analysis.


1) Bachelor degree or above, majored in law, have lawyer qualification or associate lawyer qualification;

2) proficiency in company law, contract law, intellectual property law, the legal laws and regulations;

3) familiar with the company business negotiations, contract review and other related legal issues;

4) more than 3 years related working experience, 3 years working experience in handling legal affairs of Large Firm;

5) with solid and meticulous work style, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

6) thinking is rigorous, work serious, can withstand the strong pressure of work;

7) treatment negotiable;

Recruitment hotline: 0793-8153778 group address: Shangrao teachers college is the gate first 100 meters

Contact person: Mr. tube contact mobile phone: 13707032594

E-mail: 516143698@qq.com qq: 516143698

ddress of honghai scaffold industrial park: Toll station area of Guangfeng industrial park of Jiangxi
Sales hotline: 86-0793-2788888
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